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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

-Pablo Picasso

About Mary Beth

Call me MB.

I bring the passion that breathes life into ideas. I combine traditional studio art skills with modern graphic design tools to present a unique perspective in all of my work.

I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a crayon and the creating has never stopped.

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My Services

Modern Scribble Line

Original Artwork

Oil or Acrylic on Canvas

Pencil or Ink Drawing



Graphic Design

Logo Design, Branding, Package Design (CPG)

Marketing Materials

Environmental Design

Art Lessons

Drawing Fundamentals

Design Principles

All Levels Welcome!

My Work

Promotional Package Design - Tumen, Inc.

Book Cover & Interior Design - Jill Hynes

Logo/Label Design - Mars Orthopedic

Exterior Letters/Environmental Design - Tumen, Inc.

Branding - Raise Your Hands Up High

Logo Design - Product Photos - Faux Ice Cream

- Agave Kitchen

Korean K9 Rescue

I worked with KK9R to revamp their marketing in order to raise awareness of their mission, drive traffic to their site, and bring potential adopters to their adoption events.

The plan was so successful it nearly doubled the number of attendees and adoptions at the events and caught the eye of a blogger.

Package Design - Golden Fluff

Brochure - Raise Your Hands Up High

Custom Invitation - Andrade Wedding

Digital Illustration - Spec Project

Bronze Plaque - Tumen, Inc.

Spice Labels - K’Tores Spice Co.

Digital Illustration - Holy Carp

Branding - The Reel Fan Review

Label Design - Mars Wellness

Branding - Cat’s Meow Artistry

Branded Hard Hats - Tumen, Inc.

KNY Dog Rescue

Developed branding, marketing and a website for fledgling, grassroots dog rescue organization, KNY Dog Rescue.

Bright, colorful promotional materials and a logo featuring a kawai-styled Shiba Inu, KNY Dog Rescue grew to the point where the small operation was rescuing several dogs from Korea per month as well as taking in surrendered senior dogs from around NYC for rehoming.

Branding/Promo Items - Dot Dot Dot Studios

Logo/Website Design - JCL Measure

Logo/Label Band Design - Mars Baby

Custom Stationery - Andrade Wedding

Corporate Identity - Raise Your Hands Up High

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration - Blank-Fest

Product Label Design - Ella Vitality

Package/Product Design - Curad

Business Cards - Sue’s Secret Garden

Branding -

Menu Design - Majlis Restaurant & Cafe

Murder Bar Conceptual Branding Project

Following the hand-drawn logo trend, my goal was to create artwork reflecting the dark and eerie themes of Edgar Allen Poe's literary works. Beginning with a rough sketch, I digitally refined the crow using Paper by Fifty-Three on an iPad Pro, allowing precise control over details and values. This digitalization made the final artwork versatile for use in signage, stationery, and promotional merchandise.

Art Lessons

One-On-One or Small Group Classes for Grades 3-12

Photo by laura adai on Unsplash

Custom-tailored live, online art lessons for the individual student or small groups (4 max).

Artistic disciplines offered include:

  • Drawing
    • Graphite Pencil
    • Colored Pencil
    • Charcoal
    • Pastels
    • Ink

  • Painting
    • Watercolor
    • Acrylic
    • Oil
    • Gouache
    • Mural Design

  • Sculpture
    • Clay
    • Paper Clay
    • Found Materials

While covering art fundamentals and materials, the students are encouraged to find and develop their own artistic voice so art is fun and not homework. Taught in one-hour sessions, the students choose their own pace and the medium in which they will work. Art history can be mixed in with the lessons in order to show examples of techniques and materials.

Experimentation with new tools, styles and materials is encouraged as the goal is for the students to gain confidence to try anything even if they fail, because there are lessons in failure. My hope is that the students learn to create fearlessly.

Personal Works

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